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About ARP

American Renewable Power ("ARP") is a California-based company that acquires, owns and operates renewable energy power facilities in the US. ARP acquires and operates large-scale biomass, wind and solar generation assets to provide a reliable, renewable electricity source to large corporate and institutional customers. Our initial facilities are biomass power generation assets in the western US.

In early 2018, ARP begun operations of its first biomass power generation plant in the US, providing baseload, renewable power to our customers. We own and operate well-established biomass generation facilities that have 30+ year track-records of providing 24/7, 365 day renewable power. Unlike solar or wind power, our biomass facilities operate round-the-clock providing a stable, known level of energy. This also enables ARP to provide our power customers with long-term, fixed pricing options allowing for simplified forecasting of a client’s power budget.

Biomass’ environmental impact is becoming increasingly significant. In addition to being a stated carbon-reduction technology by the US EPA, biomass power generation plays a highly significant role in reducing forest fire risk and in diverting biomass waste away from landfill sites.

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